Region 9 Coaches “This Week at the Creek”


2013 Opening Week (1) "Week at the Creek"


Opening Day ceremonies – Come join us !



What:                          AYSO/Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

When/Where            7:30am to 10:30am , next to the new Snack Bar

How much:                $5 each,  all  proceeds benefit AYSO Region 9

                                     Buy your breakfast tickets at the snack bar window 

ALSO ----

What:                         AYSO/CRPD Ceremony - dedication of new Snack Bar/Meeting Room

When/Where:         Snack Bar/ Training Center –  12 Noon


WARNING !! Check your game schedule!!!


     We have discovered that the paper schedule your team received at the team parents meeting is not current --- Do NOT rely on it, instead go to the web site game schedule and relay on that !!


Want to help by housing a UK Trainer??


            Martin & Marilyn Usher were gracious enough to house Jamie and John to get the season started, and we appreciate their thoughtfulness & help. We hate to prevail on them the entire season, so we want to make you & your player families aware of a neat opportunity!

         If you’ve met the trainers, you’ll agree they are super around kids, and the players love them.  YOUR  family is welcome to host them (i.e. let them stay at your house) for 1 or even a few weeks if you can accommodate them, and your kids & whole family will get a kick out of having these gentlemen stay – they are great guys!! PLUS – your kids will get some free 1 on 1 training when the guys are free. PASS this on to your families Please !!


For info contact me at



Fields 14/15/18/19 are not being used – Can I scrimmage on them?


These fields are not on our practice schedule or lottery as CVU has permits to use them during 

daylight hours, so they will be used most days. Best thing to do is swap fields with a team that 

practices across from the team you want to scrimmage with – HINT… Ask the coach in advance, 

NOT after he or she has set up their cones…


Free online soccer training/practices/tips for Region 9 coaches



Run out of training ideas (I hope not – this is week 2 of practice) – but when you do:

As part of our agreement with UK Soccer, our coaches are allowed access to thousands of soccer

 activities on their website. Want to check it out?  

Go to  and logon with




(NOTE: only the T is uppercase, all others lower case)


See you on the fields!


Tom Becker

Region 9 Coaching Director