Region 9 Coaches “This Week at the Creek”

2013 Week (5) "Week at the Creek" (10/4)

U7/U8 Issues



     Coaches, we continue to have issues on U7/U8 fields in a variety of ways – coaches upset with refs, parents yelling at each other … it is amazing.


Please reinforce and remind your parents of these SIMPLE guidelines we use in these divisions:

-        -  No scores are kept, these are all training games, with reinforcement for good/great plays

-        -  Respect the referees – they are usually recently trained – you NEED to abide by their decisions

-         -  U8 officials briefly explain infringements to players and encourage proper play

-         -  Make every effort to keep the game moving (NO stoppages for doubtful infractions)

-         -  Misconduct is RARE – no need for public cautioning or send offs – no yellow and red cards

-         -  2nd throw-ins are allowed, after a mistake and corrective instructions. If 2nd throw in is bad – let it go

-         -  no offsides – explain to parents – refs explain to players if they try to gain an advantage


Above all – refs & coaches try to keep the game moving, ignore trifling offenses, and keep parents under control. Contact us if you need help with that.


Playing in the wind


          Yes it does make soccer challenging. Try to get the wind at your back for the 1H (Coach Tom’s rule # 1: You can LOSE a game in the 1st 10 minutes, but you cannot WIN at game in the 1st 10 minutes). You NEED to be in the game at halftime, so play very conservative into strong wind – kick a questionable ball out,  keep the ball on the ground, keep it out of the center on goal kicks.  Just hang on for the 2H!!


With the wind – push up aggressively, stay way up on opposing goal kicks, keep the ball high in the air in front of the penalty box if possible, make lots of shots.


Picture Day next weekend  Oct. 12



Check the picture Day schedule at

to see when your teams is schedule for pictures, and REMIND you parents of the time.

Allstar Coaching applications open


     If you are coaching in U10 or above, you are eligible to apply to be an Allstar coach.

Allstar coaches observe all the teams in their division and talk to coaches in picking the best team to compete against other Regions and other teams in a variety of tournaments. The season begins right after Thanksgiving and continues into May 2014.

If you are interested, please fill out the application located online at d/1YHWxfiShRu669JvzlD- gK5Cnor0pWuHcy4vPxGjco4A/viewform

ASAP as we will be choosing coaches soon. Questions? Contact Steve Popp - Allstar Director at


See you on the fields!


Tom Becker

Region 9 Coaching Director