All-Star FAQ's

Q: What is the All-Star program?

A: The All-Star program is a soccer program for players that want to continue play after the fall season; and have a higher level of skill and desire to compete in games and tournaments with the best soccer players from other AYSO regions.  Note: In some documents, All-Star teams may sometimes be referred to as Tournament Teams.

During the season, All-Star coaches are selected in all competitive divisions (U10 and up) and these coaches observe players and invite them to join Region 9’s All-Star teams. Teams start practicing and begin tournament play the first week of December. Players have access to a higher level of competition and coaching than we can offer in the regular season.

Q: How long does the All-Star season last?

A: Normally from December 1st through June. All teams must enter a minimum of six (6) tournaments during that period (2 of which are local: The Area E All-Star Tournament and our own Pot O' Gold Tournament). All-Star teams usually play into May, but can play as late as early July depending on player/parent interest and other conflicts (i.e. summer vacations).

Q: How much does it cost?

A: All costs are funded by the parents, and optionally by sponsors that the team contacts. Costs can range from $350 - $700 total per player. This depends on how many tournaments the team enters (each tournament costs the entire team from $450 - $600 in entrance fees) and whether they need to stay overnight or not.

Q: Are coaches, trainers or referees paid?

A: No. All involvement in regular season and post-season play in AYSO is strictly voluntary for coaches, trainers and referees. However, the level of play is so high that we typically have coaches that have played in college and/or professionally and we can have professional coaches that volunteer their time to coach AYSO All-Star teams.

Q: What is the time commitment for players and their families?

A: To join All-Star teams, we ask players and parents to commit to two (2) practices a week through the season (Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays) and typically one (1) weekend tournament a month. In addition, we insist the AYSO All-Star commitment comes before any other sports during the All-Star season. We typically have 200-300 players in each Division that would love to be selected for All-Stars, but we can only select 20-30 players to participate, so we ask that families take the commitment seriously.

Just as during the Regular Season, All-Star Coaches need to have one or more qualified (i.e. AYSO-trained and certified) Assistant Coaches; and they need a willing and organized Team Manager. All-Star teams do not have Team Referees per se, but almost all Tournaments require teams to provide a qualified referee crew (again, AYSO-trained and certified) or forfeit a substantial monetary deposit. Usually there are 3 referees who will do at least 2 games each and they can be different referees for each tournament.

In early March (and some years, April depending on when Easter falls), Region 9 hosts its annual Pot O' Gold Tournament, the major fund-raiser for our organization. This tournament is over 2 or 3 weekends and every Region 9 All-Star team has a guaranteed spot in the Tournament. In exchange, ALL team adults are expected to help staff the Tournament (field crew, field monitoring, etc.) during a weekend when their child's team is not competing.

Q: Do teams travel overnight?

A: Sometimes. All of our All-Star teams participate in the Area E All-Star tournament, which often plays at our fields, Newbury Park and Moorpark. Many teams enter other tournaments in Camarillo, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Sherman Oaks (Balboa Park) and our own Pot O' Gold tournament as noted above. None of these requires overnight travel or extra costs, although they may require getting up very early to make the first game of the day.

Most teams travel to Riverside for a big tournament in the spring, and coaches usually enter out-of-area tournaments if the players wish to travel. Overnight travel does involve extra costs that the families must pay for.