Pot O' Gold Match Schedule - 2014

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Game #   Date   Time   Field #   Div   B/G   Home Team / Jersey   Away Team / Jersey  
GU14B4B5 Sat 3/8 2:00 PM CC10 U14 G GU14B4 (U14G/0678/Nesheim) / Black GU14B5 (U14G/0076/Gross) / Orange
GU14D1D6 Sat 3/8 9:30 AM CC12 U14 G GU14D1 (U14G/0042/Benton) / Wht/Blk/Go GU14D6 (U14G/0058/Rosas) / Blue
GU12D6D7 Sat 3/8 4:15 PM CC05 U12 G GU12D6 (U12G/0069/Hollander) / Gold GU12D7 (U12G/0020/Ferro) / Blue/Gold
GU12A1A2 Sat 3/8 7:30 AM CC02 U12 G GU12A1 (U12G/0068/Mayer) / Red GU12A2 (U12G/0009/Spear) / Green
GU12B1B2 Sat 3/8 7:30 AM CC03 U12 G GU12B1 (U12G/0042/Welsh) / Blk/Wht GU12B2 (U12G/0068/Flores) / Red/White
GU12C1C2 Sat 3/8 7:30 AM CC04 U12 G GU12C1 (U12G/0009/Popp) / Grn / Wht GU12C2 (U12G/0020/Pye) / Blue/Yello
GU12D1D2 Sat 3/8 7:30 AM CC05 U12 G GU12D1 (U12G/0009/Mahon) / Green GU12D2 (U12G/0046/Goralsky) / Blue/White
GU12A3A4 Sat 3/8 8:45 AM CC02 U12 G GU12A3 (U12G/0058/Marzillier) / Blue GU12A4 (U12G/0122/Wilcox) / Blue/Wht
GU12B3B4 Sat 3/8 8:45 AM CC03 U12 G GU12B3 (U12G/0683/Hadidian) / Red/White GU12B4 (U12G/0020/Humphrey) / Blue/Yello
GU12C3C4 Sat 3/8 8:45 AM CC04 U12 G GU12C3 (U12G/1441/Coffey) / Red GU12C4 (U12G/0122/Sigurdson) / Navy
GU12D3D4 Sat 3/8 8:45 AM CC05 U12 G GU12D3 (U12G/0069/Drinkwater) / Gold GU12D4 (U12G/0122/Watson) / Navy
GU14A4A5 Sat 3/8 2:00 PM CC01 U14 G GU14A4 (U14G/0076/Arjomand) / Orange GU14A5 (U14G/0009/Ju) / Green
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