Team Volunteers Schedule - Premier League 2013

Every team is REQUIRED to provide Adult Volunteers twice during the 2013
Premier League season.  For each shift 2 volunteers from each team are
needed. These Volunteers are critical to ensuring that our sons and daughters
have a fun and safe soccer experience. Volunteers will be assigned jobs as
needed ( Field Crew or Info Booth). All volunteers are asked to check in at the
information booth at their assigned times (see schedule below).
Thanks for helping to make AYSO Region 9 a special place for our kids!
Date 8-9:30 9:15-10:30 10:15-11:30 11:30-1
12-Jan PU78B06 PU10G06 PU78G01 PC1401
PU78B05 PU10G05 PU78G02 PU10B06
  PU10G03 PU78G04  
19-Jan PU10G02 PU78B02 PU78G06 PC1402
PU10G01 PU78B01 PU78G03  
  PU78B04 PU78G05  
26-Jan PC1201 PU10G04 PU10B06 PC1403
  PC1205 PU10B02 PC1202
  PU78B03 PU10B05  
2-Feb PC161903 PU78B06 PC1203 PC161904
  PU78B05 PC1204 PC1206
  PC1402 PC1404  
9-Feb PU78B04 PU10G06 PU10B03 PC161902
PC1202 PU10G04 PU10B04 PU78G06
  PU10G02 PU10B01  
16-Feb PC161901 PU10G01 PU10B02 PU78G03
  PC1401 PU10B03 PU78G05
  PU78B02 PU78G01  
23-Feb PU10G03 PU10G05 PC1404 PC161904
PC1205 PC161903 PU78G02 PU10B01
  PC161902 PU10B05  
2-Mar PC1201 PU78B03 PC1204 PC1203
PC1403 PU78B01 PU10B04 PC1206
  PC161901 PU78G04  
Team 1st Volunteer Shift 2nd Volunteer Shift
PU78G01 12-Jan 16-Feb
PU78G02 12-Jan 23-Feb
PU78G03 19-Jan 16-Feb
PU78G04 12-Jan 2-Mar
PU78G05 19-Jan 16-Feb
PU78G06 19-Jan 9-Feb
PU78B01 19-Jan 2-Mar
PU78B02 19-Jan 16-Feb
PU78B03 26-Jan 2-Mar
PU78B04 19-Jan 9-Feb
PU78B05 12-Jan 2-Feb
PU78B06 12-Jan 2-Feb
PU10G01 19-Jan 16-Feb
PU10G02 19-Jan 9-Feb
PU10G03 12-Jan 23-Feb
PU10G04 26-Jan 9-Feb
PU10G05 12-Jan 23-Feb
PU10G06 12-Jan 9-Feb
PU10B01 9-Feb 23-Feb
PU10B02 26-Jan 16-Feb
PU10B03 9-Feb 16-Feb
PU10B04 9-Feb 2-Mar
PU10B05 26-Jan 23-Feb
PU10B06 12-Jan 26-Jan
PC1201 26-Jan 2-Mar
PC1202 26-Jan 9-Feb
PC1203 2-Feb 2-Mar
PC1204 2-Feb 2-Mar
PC1205 26-Jan 23-Feb
PC1206 2-Feb 2-Mar
PC1401 12-Jan 16-Feb
PC1402 19-Jan 2-Feb
PC1403 26-Jan 2-Mar
PC1404 2-Feb 23-Feb
PC161901 16-Feb 2-Mar
PC161902 9-Feb 23-Feb
PC161903 2-Feb 23-Feb
PC161904 2-Feb 23-Feb